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testosterone cypionate dosage

testosterone cypionate dosage

Diseases accompanied by metabolic acidosis: infectious diseases, diabetes, intoxication, including drug (barbiturates, salicylates, etc..), Diseases of the kidneys, during anesthesia and in the postoperative period.

Dosage and administration.

Intravenously in testosterone cypionate dosage pure form or diluted with other infusion solutions.
Adults with developing acute acidosis 50-100 ml of 8.4% solution. Children under the age and body weight.
The average dose of 2 to 5 mEq / kg (2.5 ml / kg) is administered over 4-8 hours. For children up to 2 years, the maximum dose of 8 mOe / kg (8 mL / kg) of body weight per day.
It is necessary to control the acid-base status of the blood.

Side effect.

Long-term daily administration of the drug can lead to alkalosis (sometimes uncompensated), accompanied by loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, anxiety, headache, and in severe cases tetanic convulsions.Perhaps the testosterone cypionate dosage increase in blood pressure. In these cases, you need to take a break from using the drug.

Interaction with other medicinal products.

Sodium bicarbonate enhances the effect of antihypertensive drugs; should be used with caution in patients receiving corticotropin; avoid adding solutions containing calcium, except where compatibility with an installed; It reduces the absorption and concentration in the blood plasma of doxycycline. The drug is incompatible with solutions: Ascorbic acid, cisplatin, codeine phosphate, dobutamine, dopamine, magnesium sulfate, norepinephrine bitartrate, potassium salt of penicillin G, streptomycin sulfate, tetracycline. Sodium testosterone cypionate dosage bicarbonate is not recommended to be taken with medicines that have acidic salts and alkaloids. steroid purchase online order anavar online buy steroids online